Please review the sidebar for flyers, PowerPoint presentations, and meeting minutes of all of our public meetings. 

Community outreach and engagement is a critical component to ensure the success of this project. We are committed to keeping the community informed of our plans, and incorporating input regarding density, design, and programming.

We have organized three Community Conversations in May and July 2019 and January 2020 at El Mercado. We also engaged with attendees at the Noche de San Juan, the Morgan School Open House and Halloween, and the Taste of South Holyoke. 

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A successful component of our community engagement has been a 3D model of the neighborhood that allows participants to engage around the issue of density. This has been a large question for the project, as we want to ensure there is a demand for the type of buildings that we plan to construct. The 3D model not only ensures direct participation, but it also asks the participant to provide a rationale for the type of density they propose.

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At our second public meeting we took pictures of the version of the model each person created and asked them afterwards to explain to the group the thinking behind what they proposed. This offered invaluable input to us and the architects as we move forward in our design process.

In sum, the community input we received asked for a diversity of housing options and density: some ownership, some rental, and a need for accessible units for seniors. This led to the development of a phasing plan for the project.

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