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The Holyoke Housing Authority (HHA) is proud to serve as the developer of the South Holyoke Homes, an affordable rental and homeownership project in South Holyoke.

The idea to build housing on the vacant parcels of land around Carlos Vega Park has been around for decades; it was identified in the 2008 South Holyoke Revitalization Strategy and directly incorporated in the 2012 Urban Renewal Plan (link to plan documents). The objectives of the project include redeveloping vacant property, adding more density, improving housing options, improving housing stock, and increasing home ownership opportunities. The Holyoke Redevelopment Authority, whose mission is to implement the Urban Renewal Plan, has advanced the goals identified in the Urban Renewal Plan through site acquisition and selected the HHA as the developer.

Since then, the HHA has been advancing work on three fronts: community outreach and engagement, design and programming, and identifying and applying for potential funding sources. Community engagement is a critical component to ensure the success of this project. We are committed to keeping the community informed of our plans, and incorporating input regarding density, design, and programming. This website aims to be a tool in facilitating community engagement and spreading the word about our plans.

Planning Documents
Carlos image for Annual Report

Please review the documents that have been instrumental to the development of the project. 

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Meeting Documents

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Please review the meeting minutes and PowerPoint presentations of all of our public meetings. 

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NeW! South Holyoke Homes Phase I Receives Funding From the Commonwealth




We have suspended all in-person meetings due to COVID-19, but will schedule a community meeting as soon as it is safe to do so. Check back for updates!

Aerial Video

Press play below to see a video of the vacant lots in our project scope.

Video credit: The Recluse 

Local Hiring

The Holyoke Housing Authority is committed to ensuring that low-income local businesses and residents are hired for the construction of the South Holyoke Homes. While we will not be directly hiring for the project, we will select a contractor which will result in employment opportunities.

Please be aware that there is no guarantee of employment, nor will these opportunities commence immediately. Through the link below, we are simply facilitating contact between the selected contractor and interested parties. If you are interested in being hired by a contractor for work on this project, please share your contact information.  

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